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Victim impact statement by Carla Krsul

The Honorable Circuit Court Judge Dedee Costello
Bay County Courthouse
Panama City, Florida, 32401

Dear Judge,

First I would like to personally thank you Judge Costello, the members of the jury, the team from the States Attorney Office-especially Mr. Basford, Tracey, Terri and Dan, and everyone else there that helped prepare this case for trial. I would also like to thank all the investigators, crime scene technicians and everyone that participated in this investigation and testified in the trial from the Lynn Haven Police Department and the Bay County Sheriff’s Department-especially Robin, Larry, and Mr. Stamford, the Medical Examiner’s Office, and anyone else that I may have missed. I would like to give special thanks to all the Victim Advocates; you were there with us every step of the way and helped hold us together. All of you have a very difficult and emotionally trying job. I ask a very wise man how you could handle doing this type of work on a daily basis, he told me “We work for God that is how we handle it”. I thank all of you for accepting God’s job offer. Now I would like to tell you about my Granddaughter, Haleigh “Booger Butt” Marie Cain. She was born on November 28, 2006 it was the happiest day of my life. My daughter, Jessie had just given birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever laid my eyes upon. It was not an easy delivery, an emergency c-section had to be performed. Our beautiful baby, Haleigh suffered several birth injuries, her skull had be fractured twice during the birth, she was shortly transported to Sacred Heart in Pensacola to high level intensive care, she was fighting for her life. My husband, Timmy and I slept in our truck in the parking lot; we were not going to leave her there to fight alone, no matter what the doctors said. Jessie and I were eventually able to get a room at the Ronald McDonalds House, and Timmy slept in the truck. He would do the late night and early morning feedings, or just be there with her whispering to her to be strong and fight and singing “You are My Sunshine” in her ear while holding and caressing her and telling her everything would be alright that Maw, Paw and Mommy were here and that we loved her more than life itself. After a week we were able to bring her home, what a joyous day that was, our dear “Sweet Love” was going to be alright. She was the light of our life; she was the Sunshine in our lives. When we introduced her to people we would tell them her name was Haleigh Marie Cain, but her friends called her “Booger Butt”. Booger made our lives complete and whole; she was our heart and soul. I have never felt such happiness and love as I did when I held her in my arms or when she would look at me and smile the most beautiful, loving smile; she was such a good baby. Everyone that met her fell in love with her. Booger loved books, I would read and read and read, she never got tired of hearing the stories from her books. She loved animals; we read lots of books about animals. I would point to a picture of a cow and ask her “What does the cow say?”, she would say “MOOOOOO”, “What about the kitty cat?” she would say very softly “meeeoooww”, “What does the doggie say?”, she would say “ruff ruff”, she loved doggies. She was so smart, she knew her colors and she knew almost all the animals in her books, and there were a lot. Her favorite book was “Humpty Dumpty”, “Hunty Dunty” as she would say. I would say to her “Maw needs some luv’in”, she would run to me and lay her head on my leg and say “aaahhh” then look up at me and pucker her lips up like a fish and give the most wonderful wet, sloppy kisses ever, and wrap her little arms around me as tight as she could, lay her head on my shoulder and say “I luss ew”. She loved soft and fuzzy things, she would grab it with both arms and hug it and rub her face into it and smile that beautiful smile and say “aaaaahhhh”. Booger and I made up a song together and she would sing along with me as best she could, it went like this “Booger Butt, Booger Butt, oh oh oh a Booger Booger Booger Butt a Booger Butt a BOOM BOOM BOOM, Grand Maw loves her Booger Butt yes she does she loves her Booger Butt a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” it was silly and she loved it, she would dance, shaking her little butt and swinging her arms and when it was time to sing BOOB BOOM BOOM she would shout it out, we would sing it over and over. Booger loved music, when she heard music, no matter what kind of music she would start dancing, swinging her arms, shaking her butt and clapping her hands. Her favorite songs were “The Booger Butt Song”, “You are My Sunshine”, “Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots With The Fur, The Whole Club Was Look’n At Her”. Booger was the music in my life; all I have now is silence... She would want to do the things I did, like the dishes, she would hand me the clean dishes out of the dishwasher for me to put away. She helped me do laundry, I would make piles and she would pick them up and throw them in the washing machine, she even tried to fold the clothes like her Maw. She would pick up her toys and throw them into the toy box, she had her own little mop and would help me mop. Bugger would love to go shopping with me at Wal-Mart, she loved shoes, we would spend hours in the shoe department trying on shoes, to this day, I cannot walk through the shoe department, if I need shoes a friend of mine will go pick them out and get them for me. Booger and I planted a garden and bunches of flowers outside, she loved digging in the dirt, we also had a lot of house plants, and she would help water and weed the plants. I don’t plant flowers any more nor do I plant a garden. These things I have mentioned were our special things and our special time together. Everything we did together was special, she was the love of my life, my best friend, my gift from God, we shared our souls, we were each a part of the other. She was so curious and smart; I knew she was destined for greatness. I will never forget October 31, 2008, Halloween, her Paw and I took her trick or treating, she picked out her costume at Wal-Mart, she insisted on the doggie costume, so that’s what she got, she was adorable as a little doggie. She had so much fun, and we had the time of our life. During that weekend some friends sponsored an Apple Butter Making Festival. Booger helped peel apples by turning the apple peeler crank, she played with all the other children in the moon-bounce, she had fresh apple juice and loved it, she carved pumpkins, she made scarecrows, she played in the hay, she went through a scary house, she went on wagon rides, she did it all. I will never forget that perfect weekend. She had spent the summer with her Maw and Paw and her Papaw (Great Grandfather) and then it was time to go home, she went home on November 3, 2008, her Mommy missed her so much and I knew she needed her Mommy and her Mommy needed her. That morning, Booger’s Paw and Uncle Daniel were working on a roof in town, I, Jessie, Booger and Pawpaw stopped by to say bye, and it had been raining and was really muddy. When we opened the door of the van to let Booger out, she jumped out and ran as hard as she could towards her Paw, her arms spread wide open and lips puckered, he swept her up into his arms and cried as he kissed and hugged her and told her to be a good girl for her Mommy, that he would talk to her every day on the phone and Christmas would be here before we knew it, we just knew we were going to have the best Christmas ever! I will never forget that moment, it plays over and over in my mind, and we were so sad that Booger was going home to Florida, but so excited for the future, all at the same time. We had already gotten one of her Christmas gifts, it was a Barbie Jeep, fully loaded, and we just knew she would love it. I cried all the way down the road to the airport, I knew I would see her again at Christmas, or I thought I would. That was the last time we saw her alive.

December 7, 2008 was the most horrible day of my life and I relive it every day, every night, every moment I breathe. I received a phone call from my daughter Jessie, screaming hysterically telling me something was wrong with Booger Butt. I remember speaking to a paramedic and them telling me that there was nothing they could do that my baby Booger was gone. My world and my life stopped. I don’t remember much about that day except screaming, crying, and overwhelming pain. My Father and a very dear friend got me packed and on the first plane they could get me on to Florida so I could be with my daughter. I don’t remember the flight, I remember crying and wishing the plane would crash so I could be with my Booger. Loosing my Booger has destroyed me emotionally and along with that my physical health is suffering. I will never recover. My hopes and my dreams were over. Dennis PEEWEE Creamer destroyed my will to live, he is pure evil, you really never know evil until you are face to face with it, I have met evil and it has changed my life and my family’s life forever. He took away Booger’s future, she will never have that first date, go to school, she will never come home excited about the boy that ask her to the prom, or be able to tell her family about the young man she has fallen in love with and wants to marry and start a family with, there are so many things that that monster took away from my baby Booger, I want you to think back of all the events in your life, the happy and the sad, think about all the people you met, and all the things you accomplished and failed at, all the love and the learning that took place in your life, all your experiences, Dennis PEEWEE Creamer took all of that away from Booger. I will never forgive that monster. I have nightmares about him hurting her, and have to be shaken awake by my husband because I am screaming and thrashing violently in my sleep, that is when I do sleep. Sometimes I can’t sleep, I am afraid of the horrible things I see in my dreams. I have been on antidepressants, nerve pills, sleeping pills, and to counseling. You name it the doctors have tried it, nothing helps. I have lost my will to live, love and hope. Every day I think of my Booger, the fear that was going through her little mind while that monster was beating her, her not understanding what and why this was happening to her, the pain her little body felt as she lay there dying. Every time I close my eyes I see Booger’s face, I imagine her laying there in pain and dying, I cannot think of anything else, it has consumed me. I know I will never get the answer I want to one question WHY? Dennis PEEWEE Creamer brutally and savagely murdered my baby grand daughter, he destroyed a beautiful life. He showed her no mercy; I beg the court to show no mercy. He is an evil monster that needs to be treated like an evil monster. Booger loved everyone, she did not know evil until he beat her relentlessly without any mercy at all, he left her there to die in excruciating pain, and for how long-only God knows. I miss my Booger so much, the pain is unbearable. There can never be enough justice in this world for the killing of our precious, beautiful baby Booger. I wish the courts would let my family administer the punishment on him, but I know that will not happen. I want him to know that he is going to die. I want him to be afraid of death, because there is a special Hell that God has for these kinds of evil people. I will never understand how anyone could hurt a child. Booger loved everyone and she loved life. I visit her grave every day, I cry myself to sleep every night, I am miserable; I want to die so I can be with my precious Granddaughter. I don’t celebrate holidays anymore, they are too painful, I lie in bed and cry for my holidays. This past year we celebrated Booger’s third birthday, we gathered at her gravesite and spent the day crying for Booger. A Grandmother should not have to bury her Grandchild. Life without Booger is not worth living any more for me, I need justice for Haleigh!

I ask the Court to show no mercy on Dennis PEEWEE Creamer, a man made of pure evil. He showed no mercy on my Granddaughter Haleigh. He beat her brutally and savagely without any regard for her life, and left her to die slowly and in horrible pain. I believe it is the responsibility of this Court to rid the world of evil. I beg of the Court to sentence him to Death, just as he sentenced Haleigh “Booger Butt” Marie Cain, my Granddaughter, my life, an innocent little baby to Death.

Thank You,
Carla Krsul
162 Policeman Club Road
Falling Waters, West Virginia, 25419

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