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Victim impact statement by Shirley Silva

This is for my son because his voice was never heard.
For me, no gavel hammers, the scales of justice were never weighed.
My crime was that of a victim, My life the price I paid.
Why when my life was taken were my rights not read?
The statement Overruled was never heard when I was pronounced dead!
I could never even hear my rights or take the witness stand,
there was no defense attorney to defend me,
my fate was in a murdererís hands.

Today the courtroom is crowded as Mr. Marlin pleads his case,
with just a glimmer of a tear in the eyes of that cold face.
Oh but if I could have taken that stand, and the jury witnessed my last breath,
the fear and terror of knowing there was a bullet in my chest,
knowing also this was my last hour on earth and that this I could never survive.

If they could see the way it went down, and the hatred in those eyes,
at least I would know the scales of justice had finally been balanced in my case.

If I could have told that jury just exactly how it was,
the fear and pain I went through struck down without a cause.

Did the jury carefully weigh it all? As they listened to the plea?

He is showing no emotions now just hoping to go free!

The final verdict has come down it is 2nd degree!

And now the sentence will be set, wish I had fared so well,
my sentence Death, his a few years in Hell.

I love Jimmy with all my heart, there are no words to express the pain I feel. I miss him more and more with each passing day. If I could, I would take his place in a heartbeat. Jim had so much more life to live and so much more to give. Jim was not only my son but my best friend he was my rock the one on who I could depend.

Mr. Marlin in the matter of a few seconds you took a life that was precious, you destroyed my life and from a 6 year old girl you took the daddy she loves so much. You in the blink of an eye put so much sadness and pain in the lives of Jimís family and friends you could never even begin to imagine. You may have taken my son in body but his sprit and his memory will live forever in my heart and the hearts of his family and friends.

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