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Victim impact statement by Gail Miller

I Am The Mom Of Michael Shane Miller

On 2-16-2006 Michael was shot and killed by the woman he thought that was going to love him for the rest of his life. But she had other plans for my son. She had told me she would take care of my son, I would never have to worry about him. She took care of him all right she shot him in the head and killed him.

Michael was a christian man and he loved the Lord, he had ask her to ask the Lord to come into her live. But she rather do the devil's work. She killed my 28 year old son. And has destroyed my life and tore my family apart.

I don't have any trust in our law enforcement, I don't trust anyone anymore. I am not happy, I am not the same person that I was.

But I can't hate this woman for killing my son, if I did I would never get to see my son again. I don't like her because she killed my son.

And our law enforcement didn't do there job right...now we have a killer walking the streets to kill again. No law enforcement should ask my other son to clean up his brothers remains. Just how low can you go.

My husband and son picks up parts of my son's skull that the law enforcement did not remove. Two day after we buried him...Also got the evidence they didn't collect at the crime scene.

No parent should have had to go through what we went through. It was hard enough losing our son. And seeing it...Why was our law so cold hearted.

Now it has been 3 years 4 months 1 day since I lost my son and I still am having flashbacks.

But she will answer to God for what she has done. She will have to pay the price one day when her time comes.

Michael is in heaven with Gods arms wrapped around him. And no one will be able to harm my son ever again.

Michael son I will see you again, this time you will never be taken from me again.

I love you my precious child.

Love Mom

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